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"PewDiePie Suspended From Twitter because he joined..."



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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg , better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish video game commentator on YouTube. PewDiePie specializes in Let's Play videos of the horror and action video game genres.

The famous opening line "How's it going, Bros? My name is Peeeeeeewdiepie" is widely known and his fan community, called "Bros" is famous for its fan art which is featured at the beginning of each episode.

His channel is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels, having grown from 3.5 million subscribers to 18 million in the space of 2013 alone, and as of February 2014 has over 22 million subscribers. Since August 2013, PewDiePie's channel has been the most subscribed channel on YouTube, being surpassed briefly in November and December 2013, by YouTube's Spotlight channel.

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img John Paul III posted a review

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, had his Twitter account suspended earlier today for reasons that arent immediately clear--and thats not all.

His account has since been reinstated, but without its previously verified status. Hes also updated his bio to say, "On a self hate mission to cleanse youtube for my sins." Not only that, but his banner image is of a hat-wearing pug, while his profile image is another dog who is showing his chompers.

n a tweet yesterday, he said, "Me and @Jack_Septic_Eye have joined isis. Which is why we both got unverified." Jack_Septic_Eye, who is also a video game YouTuber, has a verified Twitter account today.

In a new video uploaded today (below), PewDiePie said there is no conspiracy about him losing his verified status. In fact, he explains that he chose to unverify himself to avoid some of what he described as headaches that come along with having verified status.

Adding to the weirdness of this, a fake news story made rounds recently about PewDiePie joining ISIS. Some people thought this was a real story can imagine where it went from there.

"Im fairly certain social media is making us all retarded," he said. "Yesterday, Twitter went full retard."

In the wake of all of this, PewDiePie wrote today that he is "TOTALLY fine guys."

"I am feeling very good today and its actually so heartwarming to see so many people care about me," he said. The tweet contained the hashtag #savemarinajoyce, referencing another YouTuber who was the focus of a bizarre video that PewDiePie uploaded earlier this week.

Instead of a blue checkmark, PewDiePie now has an image of a globe next to his name and all his tweets. In his newest video, he called on his followers to do the same.

on September 1, 2016

John Paul III Someone fix this site's banner. It's impossible to see my post title because of it.

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PewDiePie Suspended From Twitter because he joined ISIS
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